Delivering Automotive Parts

Are you a breakers’ yard or an automotive breaking company looking to get your parts delivered around the country? Manufacturer of new car parts? The automotive delivery solution needn’t break the bank!With some creative thinking your automotive deliveries can take place quickly and easily.First thing to establish is size and weight. If it’s a small part like a headlight it can go via Royal Mail if carefully packaged. Remember though, if it’s worth more than £2,500 then a same day courier with a dedicated vehicle is the better option for insurance purposes.If it’s an engine, then a pallet network may provide part of the solution depending on the weight of the engine. The condition also plays a part. All liquids must be drained from the engine. Aside from the fact that an engine still containing oil can make an horrendous mess in the back of the couriers vehicle, it can also count as hazardous chemicals and prevent a normal same day courier from moving it (unless they have hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods training). Check first with your supplier, if you are not breaking the vehicle yourself.Engine oil / engine fluids or not? If you are not sure, ask your local courier company and they can advise you.If your car or truck part is long but light, a parcel carrier may be the right kind of service for you. Remember though parcel networks have a height or length restriction and anything over 1.5 metres is generally a problem for them. Multi dropping the parts by hiring the same day courier for the day is an excellent option if you have lots of these sized items to be delivered to various locations.If the delivery is non urgent then your car bonnet or bumper could via co-loading with a same day courier. This option means your delivery may take longer to arrive but you would have the advantage of a value for money service provided by a same day courier rather than the service provided by a parcel network. Please note marking your goods ‘fragile’ can be a challenge to the handlers of your package, you only have to see the footprints on some packaging to know your car parts may not arrive in one piece. Whilst the parcel couriers are insured, you will need to double check for second hand parts, as often the insurance doesn’t cover them.If your automotive parts have to reach an ongoing trunk vehicle then a same day courier is vital to your business. Deadlines and port windows are rarely missed when booking an express delivery service. If your courier company is using a satellite tracking system then you can time down to the minute when your parts will arrive, and route around troublesome traffic spots.Whatever your automotive delivery needs are, the solution is here.