Mobile Marketing & Text Advertising – Companies Should Embrace, Practice This Type of Advertising

In theses tough economic times, business owner area facing touch choices regarding their business and the ability to keep customers and get new customers. These choices are all centered around one word…This One Word is ADVERTISING.As a point of emphasis, Advertising was one of a few industries that actually grew during the Great Depression.However, Advertising is not the cure-all as it used to be. More importantly, businesses need to get as much from every advertising dollar spent or they face a hard time keeping customers or getting new prospects.Most advertising, if effective, will get people in the door. But, that is where a lot of business owners drop the ball.They succeed in getting prospects and customers in, but really have no way to “stay in touch” with these new customers/prospects.This is where savvy business owners are turning to a new form of Advertising – Mobile/Text Advertising.With over 4.1 billion cell phone subscriptions in the world, business owners should not get passed over by Text Messaging Advertising.The New York Times calls Text Message Advertising the most powerful advertising form ever.As business owners engage in various forms of advertising, including print (coupons, mailers), TV, radio, etc., the opportunity to get additional information to prospects and customers is greatly increased by utilizing Text Message advertising.You’ve seen Mobile Advertising before – but did you know what Mobile and Text Advertising really consists of?An effective Mobile and Text Advertising program has as a minimum:
Mobile Keyword (just like a domain name)
Mobile Shortcode (short telephone numbers or special numbers)
A more robust Mobile and Text Advertising program goes beyond just sending a text message advertisement to a cell phone, it creates a powerful text message advertising database of all your customers and prospects.Text Message Marketing plans are the easiest way for a business to mass communicate to it’s customers, suppliers, employees and prospects in a very cost effective manner. Text Message Marketing is now one of the most effective and client managed marketing solutions available to all business owners.An example of a Mobile Advertising campaign includes a quick tag line as follows:”Text MCCOY to 41513″ to receive xxx.However, some Mobile companies capture the cell numbers and build the database, and send the text ads out – but the business owner really has no rights to that database. Needless to say, Mobile Marketing is changing how savvy business owners market their business, and how these owners are getting a good return on their advertising investment.Today, mobile marketing is used by Realtors, Insurance Agents, Restaurants, Churches and more. If your business or a business that you know could use such a technological advertising system, do your research and go with a company that gives the business full control of the system and the treasured database. In addition, make sure that the program includes an “opt in” clause, as well as a clearly defined “opt out” system.